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  • 3 Pack MFIII Evolution


    Take the opportunity to get the benefits of Cell Therapy in Capsules with this unmissable promotion of 3 Pack MFIII Evolution, at an excellent price.

    Give your body the opportunity to counteract the effects of aging; as well as regenerate tissues and rejuvenate them; providing, Not only provides a beautiful and vibrant skin, but also regenerates it to become a younger and healthier person.

  • MFIII Evolution


    MFIII Evolution capsules are the most advanced oral anti-aging supplements with active cells as a result of more than 25 years of research and development.

    Today, cell therapy in capsules is a technological biological product with high metabolic activity. Moreover, its active ingredients are small molecular peptides that are absorbed by the body WITHOUT losing their effects to induce degenerative functions.

  • Placenta HP 500mg


    Our product PLACENTA HP 500 mg is the best and most powerful cell regeneration and rejuvenation treatment in the world.

    Placenta HP 500 mg Cell Therapy Capsule

    The method used for these PLACENTA HP 500 mg capsules contains biologically active cells, using approved technology for the delicate biological preservation of these substances; it does not compromise the effectiveness of valuable biologically active technologies.